Active Killer Defense | Clarksburg, MD | May 5th


Active Killer Defense | Clarksburg, MD | May 5th


Date: Saturday May 5th, 2018
Time: 10am - 4pm
Address:  Clarksburg Elementary School Gymnasium
13530 Redgrave Place. Clarksburg MD, 20871
Please use the side parking lot by the historic white school house and enter through door #2 on the left of the main school building
Phone: 301.250.5725
Instructors: Ehren Hollander and Chantell Prestcott-Hollander
Instructor information available below.

Please dress in athletic clothing for a climate controlled environment.
Bring water or sports drink and high energy snacks for the day.

What Your Class Will Entail:

Six hours of instruction and practical application

  • Two hours of instruction on armed response:  Keynote presentation, how the gun works, how to stop the gun from working, life safety, geometry of fire and shooting positions, movement/ready positions, fundamentals (sight/target focus, trigger control, etc), training drills
  • Two hours of instruction on unarmed response:  Keynote presentation, warm up (functional for task at hand), combative training, pistol and rifle disarms, solo tackles, team tackles, training drills
  • One hour of trauma care:  stopping massive bleeding (care under fire and tactical field care), use of IFAK type medical kit, practical application
  • One hour of “bringing it all together”:  training drills designed to expose students to all elements of the training

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Instructor Info:

Ehren Hollander is the owner of Krav Oz, LLC and is a lifelong martial artist and holds black belts in Krav Maga and the traditional Japanese martial arts of Shotokan Karate and Aikido, as well as over 20 years of experience between Muay Thai, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and collegiate-style wrestling.

Ehren's has had the honor of teaching various law enforcement and military groups throughout the United States, including Special Operations Units.

Chantell Prestcott-Hollander is a certified personal trainer who has actively practiced and taught Krav Maga for nearly a decade.  Chantell has had the opportunity to train and study in various other disciplines including Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Chantell has had the honor to lead our women self-defense program and teach at the university level, as well as to lead our kid's program. As an educator and current school counselor, Chantell's passion lies in teaching as many school employees and students as possible about self-defense and responding to active killer scenarios. 

With their varied background, Ehren and Chantell focus on principle-based self-defense focusing on easy-to-learn, effective strategies and tactics meant for everyone. You can learn more about their self-defense programming at