Meet the team

Meet the Team: Adolfo Salas

Adolfo is the only certified Active Killer Defense instructor within the greater Atlanta area. He is also a Fit to Fight® Defensive Options Black Belt Instructor. He and his wife own and operate Fit to Fight Atlanta where they apply their unique approach to training. Some coaches and instructors from other local schools come to teach and learn from them how to apply aspects of that approach their school and chosen martial art.

Adolfo is known for incorporating the principles of other systems through collaborative efforts with those coaches and instructors to the Defensive Options program at Fit to Fight Atlanta. 

Adolfo has been training in various Defensive Options starting when was 16 years old. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech and is a full time mechanical engineer. He began formal training in martial arts in 2008 and has been teaching since 2009 in the Atlanta area. He has a strong following due to his easy personality, colorful analogies, and dedication to helping his students grow.

He does enjoy speaking and spending extra time with students before and after classes to review new techniques. Adolfo also spends time outside of class with former and current students for social events. He loves spending time training, being out on the range, and most of all with his family.