How much experience do I need for this class?

Zero.  This class is designed for all levels of experience, from the avid shooter to the absolute novice, and everyone in between.  Professional instructors are trained to get the most out of all participants.


Why does this training promote applying force?

In active shooter events in the US, 83% are ended by force being applied to the killer.  Since most events are over before police arrive, those on the scene are the first responders.


Is confronting an active killer part of my job?

Maybe, maybe not, but if you found yourself or your family or your students or your co-workers in a situation where running or hiding are not viable, it IS part of your survival.


What's the difference between AKD and "Run. Hide. Fight." or "ALICE"? 

“Run. Hide. Fight.” is a tagline, not a strategy.  Our program is the only one readily available to average citizens, that actually teaches participants, armed or unarmed, to neutralize the killer, as well as deal with traumatic injuries.  


 How do I join the instructor development course?

We have an application and evaluation process that precedes the course itself. If you are interested, send us an email at


How often are courses offered? 

See our course listings at Find a Class


How can I find more information? 

Send us an email at